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Our primary address is https://toot.wales You may also link to http://twt.cymru (which will forward to the toot.wales domain)






A simple way to get your content onto Tŵt is to automatically post to your Tŵt account when your Twitter feed updates. This could be when you Tweet something or when your Twitter account is updated by another source like Wordpress or LinkedIn.

To crosspost automatically you'll need to connect your Twitter account to your Tŵt account using a crossposter service.


Toots cannot be searched* but hashtags can. Use Hashtags to get your content noticed, or to find Toots about a particular topic.

Some of our more popular hashtags include:


Congratulations! You are a Tŵt Moderator. Thank you for volunteering and for investing your time and energy into making Tŵt a community-driven resource.

If you click on Preferences you’ll see a new section called Moderation. Let's look at four of the options: Mod Audit, Accounts, Reports, and Invites.


Tŵt Logo

Tŵt is the community-led microblogging network for Wales and the Welsh, at home and abroad.

Follow friends and discover new ones. Publish anything you want: posts, links, pictures, videos. All on a network that is community-owned and community-run.


What is Tŵt?

Tŵt is the independent, community-led network for Wales and the Welsh, at home and abroad. Tŵt offers three services: microblogging, photo sharing, and long form blogging / writing.

Tŵt promises that each service will: 1. Be available in Welsh and English 2. Safeguard your privacy and keep you safe from bullying and harassment 3. Be free of charge and never accept advertising fees

Our Services

All our services are independent of each other, you will need to register for each separately. All our services Federate, meaning we are connected to the Fediverse – a collection of independent social media networks that believe in a community-driven social Web.

Follow friends and discover new ones. Publish anything you want: posts, links, pictures, videos. All on a network that is community-owned and community-run.

  • Welsh focus: community moderated. No global corporation can reflect our values, our language, our customs and values better than we can ourselves.
  • Privacy controls: Tŵt ensures you can follow and be followed by the people you choose. Your posts (“toots”) can be seen by everyone or just the people you choose. Full account deletion is always available, and you can download every ounce of everything you’ve ever shared.
  • Community Standards: Tŵt comes with effective anti-abuse tools to help you protect yourself online. There are moderators you can approach for personal help, and we offer a clear code of conduct.
  • Language equality: Our interface is 100% available in Welsh and English. If your computer or mobile device is set to Welsh, your Tŵt experience will be in Welsh.
  • No data mining, no corporate control. Tŵt allows you to consume the content you enjoy without interruption. Your feed is chronological and non-algorithmic – you decide who and what you want to see!

What Can I See and Do on Tŵt?

Our flagship microblog Tŵt features community toots, conversations, news and opinion from English and Welsh language sources. Events, announcements, and anything contributed by the larger community. Popular Welsh bloggers will be featured on Tŵt, and so will you! Add your thoughts, pictures, stories, links, holiday snaps… Tŵt is what you make it!

In addition, Tŵt is part of a larger network of networks called “Mastodon”. Mastodon is an open source social network platform with hundreds of thriving communities and millions of members. If you choose, members on other Mastodon communities can follow you, and you can follow them! On Tŵt this is the difference between “local” and “federated” feeds, and opens up your potential audience to a global network of independently moderated communities.

But I want to stay on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Etc!

Please do! There are free services to cross-post your tweets, blogs and likes to Tŵt. Or, start posting on Tŵt and have those toots carried over to your existing social media accounts. If that all sounds technical and confusing, the community is ready to help you!

What Next?

Sign up! Bookmark us at toot.wales or twt.cymru – see you soon!


Spring is a busy time for the Cymry, here are some hashtags to keep you going:

Dydd Miwsig Cymru#WelshLanguageMusicDay#DyddMiwsigCymru

Rugby  – #6nations#rugby#rygbi

Individual matches are tagged like this #WALvENG  #CYMvLLO

St. David's Day #DyddGŵylDewi#StDavidsDay#DyddGwylDewi