Croeso i Tŵt

What is Tŵt?

Tŵt is the independent, community-led network for Wales and the Welsh, at home and abroad. Tŵt offers three services: microblogging, photo sharing, and long form blogging & writing.

Tŵt promises that our service will: 1. Be available in Welsh and English 2. Safeguard your privacy and keep you safe from bullying and harassment 3. Be free of charge and never accept advertising fees

Our Services

Our Policies

All our services are independent of each other, you will need to register for each separately. All our services Federate, meaning we are connected to the Fediverse – a collection of open social media networks that interoperate using standard protocols.

Our Values

What Can I See and Do on Tŵt?

Our flagship microblog Tŵt features a live feed of community toots, conversations, news and opinion from English and Welsh language sources around the world. You can also see events, announcements, and anything contributed by the larger global community. Add your thoughts, pictures, stories, links, holiday snaps… Tŵt is what you make it!

In addition, Tŵt is part of a larger network of networks based on the “Mastodon” platform. Mastodon is an open source social network platform with thousands of thriving communities and millions of members. If you choose, members on other Fediverse communities can follow you, and you can follow them! On Tŵt this is the difference between “local” and “federated” feeds, and opens up your potential audience to a global network of independently moderated communities.

What Next?

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