Getting Started – Dechrau Arni

If you've just joined Tŵt you're probably wondering “OK... now what?”

First things first, set things up the way you want them.

  1. Fill out your profile at – Upload a photo or avatar for your account, choose whether or not to be in the directory, lock your account if you want to manually approve each follow request, and add any links to your other profiles on the Web.

  2. Set your preferences at – choose your language options, default privacy settings, and your notifications preferences

  3. Find some people and hashtags to follow. Use the #dilyn or #ff hashtags to see recommendations, or search for topics that interest you. This will give you lists of people and hashtags you might want to check out and follow. You can also check the profile directory at to find members.

Timelines / Ffrydiau

Tŵt has three timelines you can view: Home/Hafan, Local/Lleol and Federated/Ffederasiwn. Timelines

Home/ Hafan

The Home timeline is the list of people you follow. When you join, you are automatically suggested a few people on Tŵt and the more people you add, the more will appear in your Home feed. If you want total control over what you see, stay in the Home feed, this is your feed and you decide what shows up here.

Local / Lleol

The Local timeline is every post with public visibility posted on Tŵt whether you follow them or not. This is the entire Tŵt timeline.

Federated / Ffederasiwn

Tŵt is part of the Mastodon network, and as such you can follow or be followed by users from other networks (if you choose to allow it). The Federated timeline is every post with a public status posted by any user that Tŵt knows about, which is everyone on Tŵt plus people from other networks. Tŵt knows about a remote user if at least one person on Tŵt has ever followed them. This is the most general of all the feeds.


Under each toot you’ll see three icons: a camera, a globe or a padlock, and the letters “CW”. Click on the globe or padlock to choose the privacy settings for your toot. Privacy Preifatrwydd

Public means that everyone can see your toot. Unlisted means that everyone can see your toot, but it won’t appear on the public home and local timelines and will not be eligible to be listed in trending content. Anyone who follows you or views your profile can see the toot, though. Followers-Only means that only people who follow you and people mentioned in the toot can see your toot in their timelines or on your profile page. If someone who doesn’t follow you views your profile, they won’t see this toot. Mentioned people only means that only people who are mentioned in your toot (with their @name) can see the message.

Keep in mind that some servers which run software that’s compatible with but not the same as Mastodon may choose to ignore these privacy settings if you send a message to their users, so if privacy is your main concern do not allow remote network users to follow you and do not send messages to remote networks.

Spoilers and Content Warnings

CW stands for Content Warning. It hides your toot behind text (which you get to choose); it’s like a Read More link or a spoiler tag.


You might use CWs for:

Politics Common phobias, like spiders or blood Health discussions Punchlines to jokes Rugby scores Other sports’ scores (we’re told other sports exist…) Long posts that might otherwise fill up people’s timelines

Note: Tŵt does not track hashtags that are in the text of a CW. Tŵt does track hashtags that are below a CW. Always put your hashtags in the body of your toot, never in the content warning.

If you have any questions, feel free to post your request to the public timeline and one of us will get back you... toot sweet ;–)