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Promoting your blog feed is easy on toot.wales!

Verify Your Site

On your blog site, add a link to your profile using the following specific HTML

<a rel="me" href="https://toot.wales/@myusername">Follow me on toot.wales</a>

You can put anything you like in the link text, “Follow me on Mastodon”, “Find me on Tŵt Cymru”, “Dilynwch fi ar Tŵt”, or use one of our icons from https://blogs.toot.wales/toot/dolen-i-link-to-twt

If you're using Wordpress, you'll need to add a Custom HTML block, or add the link as normal then go into Code editor mode to add the rel=“me” part.

You can get the code for your personal link at https://toot.wales/settings/verification


What is Federation, What is ActivityPub?

Tŵt Cymru operates a range of communications services that use an open, decentralised social networking protocol called “ActivityPub”. ActivityPub provides a method for software services to enable creating, updating, and deleting content, as well as delivering notifications and content.

The Fediverse is the collection of social networks and applications that can communicate with each other using ActivityPub, while remaining independent. Users on different communities, social networks and apps can send and receive updates across the network, creating an open, social web.


We will be upgrading hardware for the service Friday 14 at 9:30am UTC.

During the migration, there will be about 2 hours of downtime.

Sorry for the downtime, but this will update our 2018 hardware to shiny new 2023 bits and bobs.

It's been five years! Each and every member of toot.wales is helping create #BetterSocialMedia, and we love sharing the joy.

To celebrate we are planning a road trip in June for everyone in the #Fediverse, whether you're on toot.wales, Mastodon, Pixelfed... anything!

Let's get together for some #TootUp fun, meet Jaz and the rest of Tîm Tŵt – and hopefully bring some friends and introduce them to our amazing community along the way!

Thurs Jun 8 – Jaz @ Swansea 4-7pm (Need a coffee shop nomination) Fri Jun 9 – Toot Wales Team @ Cardiff: 4-7pm Little Man Coffee, 7-9pm Dinner Sat Jun 10 – Jaz @ Carmarthen: 7-10pm Cwrw

View the itinerary

Register your interest

To get a sense of how many people might show up please register your interest here: https://forms.gle/YjpjF5WT55hQGoPNA

We can't guarantee we can be everywhere but if there's enough interest we will do everything we can to make it happen.

Tŵt staff routinely boost toots to help your content gain visibility using boosts, featuring your content on #DyddDilyn or #MidweekMindful, and approving your content for the Explore pages and the Trending list.

Please note, to be included your content must meet our Code of Conduct and follow our guidelines: – no swears without a CW – media files must have alternative text descriptions – no links to Twitter or Meta-owned properties

If you'd like to nominate someone for Dydd Dilyn/Follow Friday please DM @teamtoot

A blurry picture comes into focus using spectacles

February is Low Vision Awareness Month

Vision impairment, including low vision, affects hundreds of thousands of people on the Fediverse, including me. Vision impairment can make it hard to enjoy the visual media that gets posted to Mastodon and the wider Fediverse, especially if it's a screenshot of text.

Adding a simple description takes a few extra seconds, and can make everyone's experience so much more enjoyable.

We know that not all apps are helpful in showing you how to add alternative text descriptions, and we know that not all apps do a great job of showing it if it's there, but to raise awareness we are going to blur or highlight your media on Fridays in February.


Starting in November 2022 we have seen an influx of members seeking to migrate from Twitter to Tŵt Cymru. We are very happy to accomodate the move and are glad to welcome everyone, however we are now seeing a large number of accounts exhibiting various habits that are disruptive to the community. Of particular note is the unmonitored use of a Twitter crossposter, a means to automatically post Twitter content to Tŵt.

We understand many people are testing the Mastodon waters and are worried about losing their Twitter community. However, our public timelines are not intended for absentee tweeters pushing content into the public feeds that includes non-functional Twitter usernames, bot spam, and high volume retweet content that is only available on Twitter.com, a site many of our membership prefers to avoid.

Personal accounts registered on Tŵt are generally intended for engagement, not broadcast. Our members expect to be able to engage with you and your posts. If you wish to use both platforms and plan on using a bot of some kind to mirror content from Twitter, the following rules will apply beginning Monday January 16th, 2023:


To avoid confusion and to ensure healthy engagement on our services we may verify certain accounts of notable organisations or persons. If you believe an account that represents you, an organisation you represent, or a client you are representing has been registered in bad faith on toot.wales and you wish to reclaim it, see https://forms.gle/ScBxTt2EL7atPq577


You may not use Tŵt services in a manner intended to artificially amplify or suppress information or engage in behavior that manipulates or disrupts another member’s experience.

This includes commercial spam, and spam that typically aims to drive traffic or attention from a conversation on Tŵt to specific or third-party accounts, Web sites, products, services, or initiatives.


Tŵt Cymru | Toot Wales (“Tŵt”) interconnects various services using the ActivityPub standard. ActivityPub provides two layers; a server to server federation protocol so decentralized websites can share information, and a client to server protocol so real-world users, bots, and other automated processes can communicate with ActivityPub using their accounts on servers.

Tŵt curates the third-party servers with which it federates, with the aim to provide a moderate, friendly channel for people to use for all manner of topics and conversations, while observing the general etiquette of being in a public space.