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Tŵt is now updated to Mastodon 3.1 which brings several new features.

New Bookmark Button


Bookmarking is a new way for you to favourite something without informing the author. It's a great way to make a quick note of a toot you found helpful. You can review your bookmarks in the new “Bookmarks” menu item, https://toot.wales/web/bookmarks

To remove a bookmark, simply open that toot and click the bookmark icon again.


One of the first problems we ran into when trying to market Tŵt as a friendly alternative social media network was people asking “where's the Tŵt app?”

Of course, our answer was “you can download a bunch of apps, your choice! Freedom!”

To which we heard: “Right. Sounds good. So which one is the Tŵt app?”


We're working on two Tŵt-dedicated apps, one for Android one for iOS. They are both forks of popular open source Mastodon apps and we've gathered permission to fork and re-brand with some minor changes to make your Tŵt experience even better.

Both apps will be fully available in Welsh and English language versions.

Keep an eye out for release details, but for now enjoy a sneak peek:


We've added some new sparkle to Tŵt – here's the short version.


Trending Topics

Look down in the lower right of your screen and you'll see up to three trending hashtags. Click on any of them to explore these topics on Tŵt and all our connected networks.  



Toots are, by design, hard to find. Part of the underlying privacy features means there is no full text search. We err on the side of making it possible for you to restrict who can interact with you and your content.

This is part of the larger effort to prevent people finding content they disagree with and piling in to abuse the author, or finding content about them and jumping in to self-promote or steal the thread.


Thanks to some great feedback from our friends at SaySomethingInWelsh we are adding the hashtag #ymarfer – if you see the tag please consider replying as this will likely be a Welsh learner somewhere in the world looking to practise their written Welsh online!

Find #ymarfer toots here


A simple way to get your content onto Tŵt is to automatically post to your Tŵt account when your Instagram feed updates.

To do so you'll need to connect your Instagram account to your Tŵt account using a crossposting service. The easiest way to do this is to use a crossposter like Moa


Log in to your Instagram and Tŵt accounts:

Then choose your settings:

Your Instagrams will now show up on the Tŵt network automatically.


Tŵt is part of the Mastodon network, a federation of small communities. As such, it can be tricky to find people to follow and interact with. Here are a few tips:


You can embed your content on other sites in a number of ways.

Embed Toot

Every toot has an embed option that allows you to repost a Toot using an iframe, this allows you to embed a single toot on an external Web site.



Our primary address is https://toot.wales You may also link to http://twt.cymru (which will forward to the toot.wales domain)