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Tŵt is now updated to Mastodon 3.1 which brings several new features.

New Bookmark Button


Bookmarking is a new way for you to favourite something without informing the author. It's a great way to make a quick note of a toot you found helpful. You can review your bookmarks in the new “Bookmarks” menu item,

To remove a bookmark, simply open that toot and click the bookmark icon again.

Download Media

It is now easier to download audio and video files that have been shared on the network, with a dedicated download button.

Follow Request Notifications

Better access to your follow requests, easy authorise or reject from a straightforward view of all incoming follow requests.


Hide or remove toots containing a particular word or character string in all of your timelines:

And a whole lot more

Mostly admin functions, but there's plenty in this update to make your life a little easier and a little faster.

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