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from kolib

Рow to tighten your face at home

Dermatologists have found the cheapest way to rejuvenate.

It is quite possible to rejuvenate the face without using expensive cosmetic and plastic procedures

This conclusion was made by employees of northwestern University in Illinois (USA).

American scientists have found that to look younger without the intervention of plastic surgeons, it is enough to do facial exercises for half an hour a day. This conclusion is supported by data from an experiment involving 16 women aged 40 to 65 years.

For 20 weeks, these women, along with their instructors, performed a set of 32 facial exercises. In the future, for another 20 weeks, they did facial exercises at home, working out for half an hour a day. At the same time, participants were constantly photographed.

Images of women taken at different points in the experiment were shown to third-party dermatologists to assess their estimated age. Initially, they assumed that the average age of participants is 50.8 years. When women were asked to rate their appearance after a course of mimic gymnastics, reviewers already assumed that they were, on average, just over 48 years old.

Perhaps this is an inexpensive and safe way to rejuvenate, said the study's lead author, Murad Alam. According to him, thanks to facial gymnastics, the subcutaneous muscles become more developed and make the face more voluminous, which gives the effect of youth.

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from Best iOS Apps Service

6clicks Risk Review for Teams

Equip your team with this risk management tool they can learn in minutes. Simply swipe to add risks relevant to your team and empower board members, executives, and managers with the wisdom of the crowd to uncover risks across your entire organization. 6clicks is free for teams looking for expertly guided risk identification, first of its kind team assessment, and rich insights. The result is real-time reporting including your team’s aggregated risk matrix sent directly to your email.


BOARD AND EXECUTIVE RISK REVIEWS: Use the 6clicks app to streamline risk reviews, including risk identification and assessment, at the board and executive level. Benefit from tapping into the wisdom of relevant experts across the organization, driving awareness, engagement, and real-time, actionable insights.

PROJECT RISK REVIEWS: Now your weekly/monthly project risk reporting is a breeze. Not only is reporting easy, but you can take a more data-driven approach to risk identification and assessment, getting input from your project team and business stakeholders.

TOPIC SPECIFIC RISK REVIEWS: Focus on specific risk domains like pandemics, cybersecurity, or environment to gain awareness and uncover the risks most relevant to your organization. It’s a great way to explore emerging risks or focus on specific areas on a continuous basis.


SMART SWIPE: This intuitive user experience simplifies the entire review process by providing individuals across all teams the opportunity to individually assess the likelihood and impact of each risk they identify as relevant to the team. The result: more informed valuable discussions around risk awareness, likelihood, and impact.

PRE-DEFINED RISK LIBRARIES: You can choose from our expertly defined risk libraries or create your own! Just some of the risk libraries available now are General Business, Cybersecurity, Environment, Pandemic, Startup, and Projects.

EASY TEAM COLLABORATION: The wisdom is in the crowd. With our unique team-driven risk identification and assessment, you and your colleagues can invite each other to participate in reviews and share data to reach a powerful consensus.

RISK ASSESSMENT: Once identified, your team can assess the impact and likelihood of risks.

MASTERFUL ANALYTICS & REPORTING: Share a Risk Matrix worth your time. Our instantly actionable matrix provides insight like never seen before for directors, consultants, executives, managers and the board to make data-driven, accurate decisions.

Goodbye slides, spreadsheets, and painful meetings! Try 6clicks Risk Review for Teams today for free!


from Tŵt Blog

Tŵt is now updated to Mastodon 3.1 which brings several new features.

New Bookmark Button


Bookmarking is a new way for you to favourite something without informing the author. It's a great way to make a quick note of a toot you found helpful. You can review your bookmarks in the new “Bookmarks” menu item,

To remove a bookmark, simply open that toot and click the bookmark icon again.

Download Media

It is now easier to download audio and video files that have been shared on the network, with a dedicated download button.

Follow Request Notifications

Better access to your follow requests, easy authorise or reject from a straightforward view of all incoming follow requests.


Hide or remove toots containing a particular word or character string in all of your timelines:

And a whole lot more

Mostly admin functions, but there's plenty in this update to make your life a little easier and a little faster.

If you have any comments please DM me


from Tŵt Blog

One of the first problems we ran into when trying to market Tŵt as a friendly alternative social media network was people asking “where's the Tŵt app?”

Of course, our answer was “you can download a bunch of apps, your choice! Freedom!”

To which we heard: “Right. Sounds good. So which one is the Tŵt app?”

The simple truth is when marketing to non-tech crowds, the freedom of Mastodon can introduce some undesirable complexity. “What's an instance?” was one of the first hurdles.

So, we reached out to our two favourite apps, Tusky and Amaroq, both open source, and asked permission to fork so we could provide a branded experience for folks wanting to get on the Mastodon train in a simple manner.

Our belief is this provides a means for onboarding less-savvy members who just want to get on Tŵt and start Tŵting.

Our forks are minimally changed, we added the Tŵt logo and set as the default instance.

Today we're proud to announce the Android (Tusky) fork is live, and we're working hard in the iOS option.

In addition, ConnyDuck (Tusky's maintainer, ) made some changes to Tusky to allow us and others to whitelabel the app, for which we are incredibly grateful!

So, please, download the app, give it a whirl, and let us know what you think!


from Tŵt Blog

We're working on two Tŵt-dedicated apps, one for Android one for iOS. They are both forks of popular open source Mastodon apps and we've gathered permission to fork and re-brand with some minor changes to make your Tŵt experience even better.

Both apps will be fully available in Welsh and English language versions.

Keep an eye out for release details, but for now enjoy a sneak peek:

Day Mode Day Mode

Night Mode Night Mode

Settings Settings

Compose Compose


from Tŵt Blog

We've added some new sparkle to Tŵt – here's the short version.


Trending Topics

Look down in the lower right of your screen and you'll see up to three trending hashtags. Click on any of them to explore these topics on Tŵt and all our connected networks.  

Profile Directory


The Directory has gotten a big revamp, and is now a shiny link on the right hand menu that loads the Directory directly in your feed. You can browse Tŵt and Federation members.


There is now a built-in audio player, so feel free to share your favourite audio files using the #np hashtag (“now playing” – check out )

Images now have an editor available, look for the edit choice when you upload.

Hashtags now have an auto-suggest feature that will help you find the most commonly-used tags for your content.


Preferences Check your settings pages to turn on the new “Slow Mode” – if you have a busy timeline this will pause the timeline until you click or pull down for the latest toots.


There are a few other new settings there for you to play with also. If you have any questions or need help please toot @jaz or @tooter directly.


from Tŵt Blog


Toots are, by design, hard to find. Part of the underlying privacy features means there is no full text search. We err on the side of making it possible for you to restrict who can interact with you and your content.

This is part of the larger effort to prevent people finding content they disagree with and piling in to abuse the author, or finding content about them and jumping in to self-promote or steal the thread.

The way we approach discoverability is via hashtags. Hashtags can always be searched, and it's up to each author to decide whether or not to add the tags. So, to increase your reach, and to allow people on other instances and communities to find you, it's necessary to use hashtags. For example

solar power is the best power!

can only be seen by people on Tŵt and people who already follow you – whereas

#solar power is the best power!

can be searched and seen by anyone interested in #solar.

For this reason, we recommend using hashtags when you want content to be seen by a larger audience. Some of the obvious ones are #photo and #art, but topics and subject matters are also a great way to get wider exposure to your content, for example #technology, #renewables, #politics – or even more specific like #beer, #cheese, or #monkeys.

When Fediverse members search a keyword, it searches for instances of that hashtag across the federation of instances, and your toots will show up for those users. The same works in reverse, too. When you search a hashtag on Tŵt it looks for that hashtag across all known communities.

For a list of our most popular hashtags check out