Verified Accounts

To avoid confusion and to ensure healthy engagement on our services we may verify certain accounts of notable organisations or persons. If you believe an account that represents you, an organisation you represent, or a client you are representing has been registered in bad faith on and you wish to reclaim it, see

Account / Cyfrif Proffil Aelod wedi'i Ddilysu / Verified Member Profile
Adrian Masters
Canolfan Llywodraethiant Cymru / Wales Governance Centre
Coed Cadw / Woodland Trust
Comisiwn Seilwaith Cenedlaethol Cymru / National Infrastructure Commission for Wales
Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru
Jeff Minter
Leanne Wood
Nation Cymru
Plaid Cymru
Tîm Achub Mynydd Llanberis
Wales Centre for Public Policy / Canolfan Polisi Cyhoeddus Cymru
Wrexham AFC
Ysgol y Gymraeg Prifysgol Caerdydd / School of Welsh Cardiff University

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