Updates and New Features

We've added some new sparkle to Tŵt – here's the short version.


Trending Topics

Look down in the lower right of your screen and you'll see up to three trending hashtags. Click on any of them to explore these topics on Tŵt and all our connected networks.  

Profile Directory


The Directory has gotten a big revamp, and is now a shiny link on the right hand menu that loads the Directory directly in your feed. You can browse Tŵt and Federation members.


There is now a built-in audio player, so feel free to share your favourite audio files using the #np hashtag (“now playing” – check out https://toot.wales/web/timelines/tag/np )

Images now have an editor available, look for the edit choice when you upload.

Hashtags now have an auto-suggest feature that will help you find the most commonly-used tags for your content.


Preferences Check your settings pages to turn on the new “Slow Mode” – if you have a busy timeline this will pause the timeline until you click or pull down for the latest toots.


There are a few other new settings there for you to play with also. If you have any questions or need help please toot @jaz or @tooter directly.