Tŵt's Android App is Now Live!

One of the first problems we ran into when trying to market Tŵt as a friendly alternative social media network was people asking “where's the Tŵt app?”

Of course, our answer was “you can download a bunch of apps, your choice! Freedom!”

To which we heard: “Right. Sounds good. So which one is the Tŵt app?”

The simple truth is when marketing to non-tech crowds, the freedom of Mastodon can introduce some undesirable complexity. “What's an instance?” was one of the first hurdles.

So, we reached out to our two favourite apps, Tusky and Amaroq, both open source, and asked permission to fork so we could provide a branded experience for folks wanting to get on the Mastodon train in a simple manner.

Our belief is this provides a means for onboarding less-savvy members who just want to get on Tŵt and start Tŵting.

Our forks are minimally changed, we added the Tŵt logo and set toot.wales as the default instance.

Today we're proud to announce the Android (Tusky) fork is live, and we're working hard in the iOS option.

In addition, ConnyDuck (Tusky's maintainer, https://chaos.social/@ConnyDuck ) made some changes to Tusky to allow us and others to whitelabel the app, for which we are incredibly grateful!

So, please, download the app, give it a whirl, and let us know what you think!