Crossposting from Twitter

A simple way to get your content onto Tŵt is to automatically post to your Tŵt account when your Twitter feed updates. This could be when you Tweet something or when your Twitter account is updated by another source like Wordpress or LinkedIn.

To crosspost automatically you'll need to connect your Twitter account to your Tŵt account using a crossposter service.

The two we know and use are below. They are free of charge.

Mastodon Twitter Crossposter

Log in to both your Twitter and your Tŵt accounts.

(Tŵt uses the Mastodon network, so you'll choose “Mastodon” for Tŵt.)


Then choose your settings – but please do not post Retweets from Twitter to Tŵt:


Your Tweets will now show up on the Tŵt network automatically!