Take short-term goals and create measurable objectives 5-10 (set a deadline of these objectives for the current season). example: I want: I want to feel like I was in control of myself Need: I need to create routines that allow me to control certain aspects of my life lancejssc Long-term goal: a healthy life. Short-term goal: starting a physical conditioning plan and execute. Objective: in the autumn of being in no less than 3 times a week gym. I personally have a big white board visible in my house that has them in it and nothing else. I recommend making the investment if you can. Other ideas include puting as the wallpaper of your computer, or simply place sticky notes that are constantly visible until you get into the habit of wanting to tackle these. warnings:

New habits take about two weeks to build and get comfortable with. If it’s getting in the gym for example, you will hate it for at least 2–3 weeks. After awhile you will get used to it and possibly learn to enjoy it, or at least enjoy hating it. If you are trying to kill certain habits, know that habits have to be switched not simply given up. Find an opposite habit that you would prefer in your life based on your wants and needs, and that will make giving up the other one much more possible. If you’re in a relationship that you want to stay in but you’re wondering why it may be having some instability issues, both of you should establish your wants and needs as soon as possible separately, and present them to each other after and discuss. A want of keeping the relationship doesn’t count, it has to be what you would want for yourself as if the relationship doesn’t exist.