Рow to tighten your face at home

Dermatologists have found the cheapest way to rejuvenate.

It is quite possible to rejuvenate the face without using expensive cosmetic and plastic procedures

This conclusion was made by employees of northwestern University in Illinois (USA).

American scientists have found that to look younger without the intervention of plastic surgeons, it is enough to do facial exercises for half an hour a day. This conclusion is supported by data from an experiment involving 16 women aged 40 to 65 years.

For 20 weeks, these women, along with their instructors, performed a set of 32 facial exercises. In the future, for another 20 weeks, they did facial exercises at home, working out for half an hour a day. At the same time, participants were constantly photographed.

Images of women taken at different points in the experiment were shown to third-party dermatologists to assess their estimated age. Initially, they assumed that the average age of participants is 50.8 years. When women were asked to rate their appearance after a course of mimic gymnastics, reviewers already assumed that they were, on average, just over 48 years old.

Perhaps this is an inexpensive and safe way to rejuvenate, said the study's lead author, Murad Alam. According to him, thanks to facial gymnastics, the subcutaneous muscles become more developed and make the face more voluminous, which gives the effect of youth.

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